Management Bios

Mr Daniel Levi
Chief Executive Officer Sefton Resources Inc.

Daniel is a well known figure within City of London financial markets. A successful high net worth investor who does not suffer fools gladly.

Over recent years he has been involved at the forefront of share holder activism. A former Sefton Interim Executive Director who came to the company's rescue in February 2015 organising a refinancing and negotiating down of over $8,000,000 of debt. Dan also came to Seftons' rescue later in 2016 when it became apparent that the Board left in charge to bring in assets, that only needed a signature, had not only lost most of the money but had lost it's way. Daniel organised an EGM which went uncontested. He returns to Sefton as the single biggest share holder.

Mr Michael Barnes
Non Executive Director Sefton Resources Inc.

After leaving The British Army, Mike's professional Financial Services career started at Royal London in 1998 as a Financial Adviser, specialising in personal advice.

His career then took him to Barclays Bank as an Independent Financial Adviser as a Senior Associate, advising overseas on expat high net worth clients in Belgium and Portugal.

On his return to the UK, Mike decided to join the team at Elite Wealth Management as a Senior Associate covering London and the South East.

Mike prides himself in getting to know his clients' needs and enjoys making the sometimes confusing and overwhelming financial world a much more comfortable place for them.

Over the years, he has gained extensive knowledge and excellent training in:

  • Personal and Corporate Protection
  • Personal and Corporate Pension and Retirement Planning
  • Corporate, Director and Personal investment Planning
  • Offshore Pensions

Chris Bailey
Non Executive Director Sefton Resources Inc.

20 years in the outdoor media sector, developed one of the largest mobile media companies in the UK providing national advertising for many recognised blue chip companies. Presently owns and operates the biggest outdoor events organisations in the metal detecting sector.

Long term investor in the Alternative Investment Market.

Roy Evans
Non Executive Director Sefton Resources Inc.

Served 6 years in Her Majesty's Royal Navy. Worked 35 years in the Automotive and Aviation Industry. Owner and enthusiast of Aston Martins.

Long term, successful investor in the Alternative Investment Market.

Michelle Conway
Non Executive Director Sefton Resources Inc.

She moved to the UK from Ireland. She studied Accountancy and IT and proceeded to work in a specialist field dedicated to bespoking accountancy software in many languages for the SME market.

In addition to this Michelle is also a Systems Analyst, helping companies in an advisory capacity, with their business processes.

In her free time, Michelle enjoys Hurling and Motorsport. She is also a keen fiddle player and runs local trad sessions and live music events.

Chan Matharu
Non Executive Director Sefton Resources Inc.

I am a self employed professional who has extensive experience of providing solutions around latest IT technologies delivering multi-million pound technically complex projects.

I am an "out-of-the-box" thinker with good business acumen, accountable and committed to excellence.

I have a positive attitude in life and am a friendly approachable person who is down to earth. A passionate interest in travel has taken me to many countries across the globe; experience of this has given me an appreciation of different cultures and values. Places visited include America, Mexico, SE Asia and Europe.

"My general attitude to life is to enjoy every minute, be kind in helping others and trust your instincts."